what is art?

what do people consider as art or a more legitimate question, how far does society go to decide what is art? Many people debate and argue what properties must it have in order for a canvas full of scribbles to be a piece of art. The dictionary explains art as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination.” As soon as I finished reading that sentence, I thought to myself and said, ‘wouldn’t music be a kind of art? Wouldn’t poetry and novels be art?” it does express human creative skill doesn’t it? The art of food? Even what I’m doing now, writing my first ever blog post, I would imagine that this was coming out from my own imagination, right?

Anyway, I’ll probably talk on that some other time.

abstract art
jet art painter Princess Tarinan Von Anhalt is seen using $11 million jet to create what she calls ‘art’



controversial art
Banksy, an England-based graffiti artist, political activist and a film director. Mostly known for his satirical criticism and how he presents problems and current issues. He freelances all around the world to reinforce his messages to society. He poses the questions other people wouldn’t bring up publicly.



public graffiti
Graffiti in public has been a huge problem for many cities and suburbs, (especially old grumpy grannies). If you ask CBD goers or CBD dwellers, they would consider these scribbling and ‘tags’ as their definition of art, well, at least modern art. On the other hand, suburb dwellers find graffiti as a public mess and pest. Many families install cameras not for burglary problems, but mostly to catch these ‘artists’ and probably door bell ringers. I personally find some graffiti art as art, especially when they’re more graphically detailed as opposed to the ‘tagging’ aspect of graffiti.



the tagging aspect in which I despise.


last of all(for now), minimalist art
minimalist art has grown into a very mainstream demographic, you see them everywhere now, band posters, movie posters, Instagram posts and much more. Even though it’s mainstream, I do still like the idea of minimalist posters for movies.
here are some examples.

inglorious bastards

wall street

the Truman show


every human being has different aspects of art and what it is.