summersun by miami horror

started listening to miami horror when I was listening to Kimbra(who is so overrated now, it’s not even funny). The electro-beats combines with some funky vocals made them a really successful hit. Miami Horror is Melbourne-based indietronica four piece band. Their music slowly introduce to me to this unheard of genre, which later prepped me for some Flume and Cut Copy.

chained by the xx

the xx has been known as ‘the band with it’s own genre’, having the tempo and beats classified as emo and down-beat, however the lyrics, bass and electric guitar suggests that it’s more of a soft-rock piece. The xx originates from the UK and the band was formed in 2005 when Oliver and Romy were only 15.

other favourite piece by the xx called crystallised from their debut album back in 2009. If you absolutely disagree with me that it’s either soft-rock or emo. Please to comment, I’m eager to see what you think.

take a walk by passion pit

passion pit is very recent to me as introduced to me by a good friend, who would most of the time have different opinions on what we consider ‘good music’, but we finally agreed in passion pit and some other coldplay.

carried away was the very first song from passion pit which I listened to, take a walk is still my favourite from the five piece band from Columbia.

breezeblocks by alt-j 

alt-j was self-introduced when I was going through the gig-list from Inpress Magazine, even though I didn’t manage to make it to the gig, I convinced myself to listen to the British four piece indie-rock band. I left a post-it note on my desk for what seemed like months, then one saturday night, my playlist looked more and more repetitive and boring, this was the time to listen to all of my post-it notes, (Tegan & Sarah was one of them, worst choice ever)

hours later, I ended up buying the alt-j album of iTunes, and am still loving them, literally just listened to them live for KEXP radio in Seattle and thought they were awesome even live. Have a listen to their live session. 

two hearts by saskwatch

this is a must watch! five stars for live band.

Saskwatch has slowly become my favourite funk/soul band compared to the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. The nine piece band founded in Melbourne. Saskwatch has a residency in The Cherry Bar in the CBD, playing almost every week. 

Saskwatch later introduced me to The Bamboos, another Melbourne based soul band, (with a lot more brass). 

evie by cub scouts 

actually, channel[V] introduced the Cub Scouts to me. They(the channel) was promoting the band when their new song with a real ‘interesting’ music video. check this out

the Cub Scouts are currently touring Europe.


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